Keeping cool about energy efficiency

While load-shedding is a thing of the past, it remains important for South African businesses to focus on using electricity as efficiently as possible. Such efforts will minimise the strain placed on the existing electricity grid and may be achieved through the implementation of the latest in air-conditioning technologies.
In order to confront this challenge, Samsung has engineered an air-cooled chiller that offers greater energy efficiency and ease of use, all in an innovative and compact design. With the revolutionary (DVM) Chiller, the company has embedded its world-class Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Inverter Scroll Compressor with Flash Injection technology, limiting both electricity requirements and wear and tear.
“Our new chillers are able to reduce annual utility costs between 36% and 50%, when compared to conventional chillers. This is because the DVM inverter-driven system allows for one outdoor unit to serve multiple indoor units. Furthermore, Samsung’s DVM compressor has a variable capacity from 10% to 100%, so if only one or two indoor units are in operation, the compressor operates at a fraction of its capacity, effecting major electricity savings,” says Michael McKechnie, Director of Digital Appliances Group at Samsung Electronics SA.
Where a conventional system works hard – and requires lots of power – to bring a room to the desired temperature and then switches off, only to come back on again when the temperature dips or rises above the desired mark, DVM and Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems run more slowly and continuously.
This approach is extremely beneficial in terms of operating efficiency and decreasing strain on the electrical grid. In addition, it also significantly limits wear and tear on the system, saving companies money in terms of maintenance costs.
Samsung’s range of chillers has been designed to deliver a wide range of additional benefits to organisations, beyond the obvious energy efficiency requirements. DVM Chillers have a modular design, which provides a wide choice of configurations, allowing companies to simply and flexibly combine modules and expand capacity from 15 to 240 tons in various ways. This relates to less time, cost and effort being involved in transporting, moving and installing these appliances, while enabling businesses to optimise space at the same time.
“Since no cooling tower is required with these appliances, there is a space saving of close to 50%. Instead of having large mechanical rooms taking up vast areas of your building, a café, gym or recreation room can easily be accommodated in the space for your employees. Now this is something that’s really beneficial,” McKechnie concludes.

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